Sunday, April 18, 2010

Madame Bea, the Reader of Tea - Sticker

Madame Bea, wife of Goodwin Appleton, was the in-house mystic with her specialty being tea-leaf reading.  In the window of her store the following sign was displayed;

Madame Bea, The Reader of Tea,
Asks you to sit down, in her dimly lit lounge.
A brew of strong Oolong
Will hold the answers, to the questions
You've held onto for so long.

The tannin stained liquid,
Splashes forth into the porcelain cup.
And the unrestrained leaves,
Float about all amok.

Bea ruffles ger feathers
As she asks you to drink up.
The excitement grows,
To see what is at the bottom of that tea cup...

What do you see Madame Bea?

Madam Bea the reader of Tea sticker
Madam Bea the reader of Tea by pigeoncircus
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