Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bearded Betty - Postcard

Bearded Betty made a comfortable living being a sideshow freak.  Customers would pay a dime to enter a tent and watch her sing while she stroked her beard.

Bearded Betty's Birthday postcard
Bearded Betty's Birthday by pigeoncircus
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Beletsky Brothers Twilight Performance - Poster

The three brothers put on a twilight performance of their famous acrobatic and strongman act.

The Beletsky Brothers print
The Beletsky Brothers by pigeoncircus
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Madame Bea, the Reader of Tea - Sticker

Madame Bea, wife of Goodwin Appleton, was the in-house mystic with her specialty being tea-leaf reading.  In the window of her store the following sign was displayed;

Madame Bea, The Reader of Tea,
Asks you to sit down, in her dimly lit lounge.
A brew of strong Oolong
Will hold the answers, to the questions
You've held onto for so long.

The tannin stained liquid,
Splashes forth into the porcelain cup.
And the unrestrained leaves,
Float about all amok.

Bea ruffles ger feathers
As she asks you to drink up.
The excitement grows,
To see what is at the bottom of that tea cup...

What do you see Madame Bea?

Madam Bea the reader of Tea sticker
Madam Bea the reader of Tea by pigeoncircus
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A Day in the Snow- Postcard

It was the first time the children of the circus had seen snow - taking time out from their demanding gymnastic training, they made this snowman on the front lawn.  Claude lent his cap and Clara her shawl to decorate the forlorn creature.

Jean the Hypnotic Sunbeam - Coffee Mug

Jean the Hypnotic Sunbeam wowed audiences with her 'Mirrorball Revue'. Dancing in a gown made from squares of mirror she lit the theatre with beams of light, until her gown was all but gone apart from two dazzling pasties.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Creme Caramel' Wedding Day Postcard

Relive the big day, when Creme Caramel wed her beau, Frankie Featherston.

Inked Ivan Postcard

Ivan Beletsky (1941 - ) Oldest brother of the famous 'Beletsky Brothers' strongman act. Became fascinated with tattoos at the age of 15 when he started to believe they increased his strength. Once the brothers joined the Circus, Ivan made a comfortable living on the side parading with the marvels as 'Inked Ivan the Invincible'. Here patrons paid to see him flex his muscles and lift up attractive ladies from the crowd with one wing tip. Current whereabouts is unknown, but is believed to have fled to the Bahamas after his marriage dissolved in 1987.

Inked Ivan postcard
Inked Ivan by pigeoncircus
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